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How to Recover Deleted data From PC and More

Accidentally deleting important files can be a nightmare, but fortunately, there are various data recovery applications that can help you retrieve your lost data. In this article, we will discuss some of the best data recovery applications available in the market and their features. Whether you need to recover deleted files from a hard drive, memory card, USB drive, or smartphone, these applications can help you get back your lost data. So, let’s explore the top data recovery applications and find out how they can help you recover your deleted data.

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Let's start with recovering Lost
data on PC with Ease Us Recovery

EaseUS Data Recovery is a software program designed to help recover lost or deleted data from various types of storage devices such as hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, and other types of data storage media.

The software has a user-friendly interface and a straightforward recovery process that makes it easy for users to retrieve their lost data without requiring advanced technical skills. It supports the recovery of various types of files including photos, videos, music, documents, emails, and more.

EaseUS Data Recovery software utilizes advanced scanning algorithms to search for lost or deleted data on the selected storage device. It also features a preview function that allows users to preview the recoverable files before restoring them. This helps users to identify and retrieve the specific files they need, rather than restoring all of the files on the device.

EaseUS Data Recovery is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems and is suitable for use by individuals, businesses, and organizations. It offers a free trial version for users to test the software before purchasing a full license.

How to Recover Deleted data From PC and More

Recover 1000+ Types of File Types from Various Devices

Virus attacks and infected USB drives may cause data loss. EaseUS USB data recovery software can quickly recover lost data from all types of USB drives.

EaseUS data recovery works as versatile memory card recovery software. You can do lost files recovery for all memory cards.

Do not worry if you lose data on an external hard drive. Here, we introduce one reliable external hard drive recovery solution to recover data from external hard drives under different circumstances.

Sometimes, hardware or software issues might occur that can lead to camera video corruption or footage loss. EaseUS photo recovery software comes to help when you are stuck with such problems.

And a lot more…

How To use EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard

1.Download and Install EaseUs Data Recovery

2.Launch EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard

How to Recover Deleted data From PC and More

3.Select the wanted Disk/Partition/USB...

How to Recover Deleted data From PC and More

4.Hit Scan and give it time to do its magic

How to Recover Deleted data From PC and More

1. This step might take a lot of time Depends on your laptop/PC performance ,size of targeted Disk/Partition/Usb/Drive and/or Type of Disk (HDD/SSD/NVME) etc…

2. We Recommend keeping the laptop/PC on (if PC we recommend keeping the charger pluged in) and turn of auto-sleep.

3. At the End of the scan you can see all Recovered files on the left side of the window sorted by type

5.Recover needed files

How to Recover Deleted data From PC and More

Select the important files you needed and click on Recover Button in the bottom Right corner

Select where you want to save the recovered file (Select a Disk other than the one you lost Data From)

How to Recover Deleted data From PC and More

Wait...Wait...Hurray You Got YOU FILES BACK

Not using Windows? We GOT U

Recover Files on Android



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